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Screening Attention Variables in EDucation

SAVED works in collaboration with health and education sectors as an information facilitator by implementing

our early intervention 7 Step Program, supporting young students and their families in education. 

We conduct screening for a variety of learning, attention, behavioural and emotional differences and issues. 

It is proven that early intervention in Education in the early years is essential

to a child’s development and forms the foundation of all other learning that follows.

It is important that we encourage all children to do well in their education and assist them,

where possible, when it comes to any health and education concerns that may arise.

The Government Education & Health sectors currently conduct early intervention programs

for hearing and vision screening, for young children entering formal, primary education at public schools. 

Why would we not also screen for learning differences or difficulties?

There has been a significant increase in children experiencing learning, attention,

behavioural and emotional regulation issues, in the last few years.

These issues are the most prevalent of childhood issues and Government statistics

show that 7.4% of children* are currently being affected by them. If left undetected

and untreated, they can cause significant harm to the development of children and their ability to thrive.

They are also known to contribute to other mental health issues,

that are also on the increase in society today, when left undetected and untreated.

Fortunately, when these learning and self-regulation issues are identified early,

and support is given, there is significant evidence and statistics

that shows the children can thrive and live successful lives.

Professional Development Program for Educators

At SAVED, our top priority is to spread awareness, bust myths and contribute to evidence-based knowledge of neurological and developmental learning conditions. Our approach is to educate and intervene early for screening in schools and to empower students, families and educators in supporting these conditions and enabling all students to thrive in education. We offer professional development programs, in addition to our early intervention screening programs. Please contact us for more details.

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